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Grievance Procedures

There are numerous resources available to you to address concerns about your command, some of these include:

Your Chain of Command – Personnel are encouraged to utilize the chain of command to resolve their concerns.

Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) – This service is available on the Command Intranet and in various locations throughout the command.

Chain of command
Commanding Officer's Suggestion Box is located on the Naval Health Clinic first deck adjacent to Patient Administration 

Navy Equal Opportunity Advice Line / Sexual Harassment (SH) Advice Line: Personnel can contact the Navy Equal Opportunity Advice Line/SH Advice at 1(800) 253-0931 toll free or commercial 1(901) 874-2507 or through email at eo/
Grievance procedures:
(a.) Attempt to resolve issues with the person or persons involved. Utilizing the Informal Resolution System (IRS), they must be given an opportunity to correct their behavior. If the problem is with the immediate supervisor, the complaint may be presented to the next senior in the chain of command. Attempt to resolve the problem at the lowest level possible and fully use the chain of command; if the object of the complaint does not take the appropriate action, go to the next appropriate action, go to the next superior in the chain of command. Superior in the chain of command.

(b)  If the complaint cannot be resolved between the person involved or with the help of the immediate supervisor, a Navy Special Request Chit may be submitted to see the Command Officer (“Commanding Officer’s Request Mast”, Regulations Art.1151) via the chain of command, requesting a review of the discrimination complaint.

(c)  If after going through this informal process, the individual feels the complaint was not resolved in a fair and just manner, they may file a formal complaint utilizing NAVPERS 5354/2 or by utilizing U.S. Navy Regs, art 1150.

Senior Enlisted Leader. Provides focus in specific problem-solving planning for all personnel in their Directorate.

Command Family Ombudsman
Appointed by the Commanding Officer, the Command Family Ombudsman acts as a liaison between staff personnel, their dependents and the command when normal procedures for problem resolution are unsatisfactory. Contact the Command Ombudsman at (559) 816-6987 or by Email at 

Pastoral Care Services: Providing assistance as needed for all eligible beneficiaries. Contact Religious Programs Chaplain at (559) 998.4407.  Base Chaplain at (559) 998-4618.

Command Managed Equal Opportunity Manager (CMEO): Appointed by the Commanding Officer to review all Equal Opportunity complaints and make recommendations for further investigation. Contact (559) 998-4455

Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA): The Equal Opportunity Advisor for civilian personnel at (559)998-3818.
Command Legal Officers: (559) 998-0437, (559) 998-2915 or  (559) 998-4455.

Human Resource Office: For civilian employee employment issues contact (559) 998-4231 and for contract employee employment issues contact (559) 998-4689.

Collective Bargaining Agreement between Naval Health Clinic Lemoore and AFGE Local 2111 Union: The Naval Health Clinic Union Steward for bargaining employees to address concerns that impact the workplace contact (559) 998-2994

Navy Inspector General (IG): May be utilized by any person who feels their chain of command does not take effective action, or who does not feel comfortable filing complains locally, or in person. Personnel can file complaints (anonymously if desired) via the Navy IG number: 1 (800) 522-3451.

NAVREGS 1155: Service Members may always contact their Congressman. See the Legal Officer for assistance.

The Joint Commission (TJC): For any employee who has concerns about the safety or quality of care provided in the clinic may report these concerns to the Joint Commission.
Fax: Office of Quality Monitoring
(630) 792-5636
Mail: Office of Quality Monitoring
The Joint Commission
One Renaissance Boulevard
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Contact Us

Command Managed Equal Opportunity Manager (CMEO):

(559) 998-0950

Command Legal Officers: 

(559) 998-2915

(559) 998-4455

(559) 998-0437
The Walk-in Contraceptive Services Clinic is held every Thursday from 7:30 - 11 a.m. at the main side OB/GYN window at Naval Health Clinic Lemoore.  First come, first served.